The Next Escort Part of Radhika’s story-A Call Girls in Noida

Call Girls in NoidaIn this story, you will get to know what happens to Radhika after the first part: As her uncle was looking for an opportunity to make Radhika the best call girls in Noida, he had to plan things in the similar fashion to make it occur. So, he liaised with all the debtors in her village in Uttar- Pradesh. He convinced them of benefits for terrorizing  Radhika. As her uncle was living a few miles away, it was technically impossible for Radhika’s mother to seek help in case of an emergency. His uncle executed the plan hiring local goons.

They entered her house and blasted on her mother. Almost rummaging through the utensils and empty pots, as the debt-burden had eaten all the possibilities of food in the house. Thus, shocking her mother. She stood ashamed in the public for not paying debts.  Her humiliation reached to such an extent that she almost thought of killing herself and murdering Radhika. In the evening, Radhika’s uncle visited her house.

Radhika’s Journey Into Becoming A Luxury Call Girls in Noida

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She explained the events of the day to Radhika’s uncle. His uncle showed sympathy and also told her mother that she could help her get a job as a baby sitter in the city. He had a few connections that he can activate and they will help him land his niece in the baby sitter job. Thus, convincing her mother.  As a result, she agreed to her uncle’s proposal. On the other hand,  her uncle had vile plans to make Radhika a female escort in Noida. Only execution was awaited.

After her uncle giving the assurance to Radhika’s mother, she was ready to make Radhika travel to Noida. Regarding the food and accommodation arrangement, her uncle had already told her mother that the employer will take that in their hand. It was now for Radhika’s mother to take the big step. When her uncle told that Radhika could get almost 6,000 to 8,000 as a baby sitter with food and accommodation, her mother was convinced that it could help them settle the 1,00,000 rupees debt that his father owed to the debtors for the farm loan.

Induction Into A Premiere Escort Agency in Noida

In the meantime, her uncle had already discussed it with an escort agency in the red light area of Noida. The plan was to trade her to the red light area of Noida, GB Road. And, from there, she will be supplied to the premiere independent escort agency in Noida. As she will be working as an independent female escort in Noida. In the process, her uncle will be getting a hefty sum for the trade that he will share with the debtors and himself. This was the plan and it was going wonderfully so far.